Jacob and Jonique/ Mesa Arizona Temple Wedding Photographer

You may remember a few weeks ago posted a couple of Jake and Joni's engagement images. This is another shoot I did with them before their wedding at the LDS Mesa Temple.

This is probably one of my favorite bride images that I have ever made:

Look how good Jake polishes up:

I have to confess that I staged this image but look how well Joni sells it:

So we are working on getting some wedding portraits done at the temple.
I am in the front lawn with the groom, the bride, her parents, and Tyler, my cousin and favorite videographer. Just had I had gotten done setting up the first shot. and started to take a couple frames the sprinklers pop on! This is what Tyler looked like after the sprinklers got us:

Check out this book I made from their wedding:
Wedding Story
By January 31st, 2009


  1. Holy crap! I think it's time for you to raise your rates!

  2. hahahaha, oh sprinklers. lovely shoot.


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