Blue Ridge High School Softball

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Kyle and Karlee | Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding Photographer

I've been working on finishing Kyle and Karlee's wedding images from their wedding at the Gilbert Arizona. We made some incredible images at Gilbert Arizona Temple a couple days previous to their wedding doing their formal portraits, then again on their wedding day and then again the next day back up here in Show Low for a reception at their home. Here are some of my favorite images:
 photo 2015-02-10_0008_zps40gral7d.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0007_zpskwc6vtqh.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0003_zpstz1ou1tz.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0004_zpsx51ciroe.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0002_zpsreqfrcee.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0006_zpshdcjlxyg.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0001_zpsvr3chbii.jpg
 photo KarleeandKyle_paxmanphoto3-1_zpsw8htbglh.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0009_zpszaljhz1p.jpg


Miss Ashley | Pinetop Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer

These are some of Ashley's senior portrait images from way back in October that I did some retouching on and finalized today. We went out one of my favorite spots near Hawley Lake on a cool morning. I love these images and some of our favorirtes are below.
 photo ashleyjackson_zpsvkhckfv4.jpg
 photo 2015-01-22_0002_zps8vr1zyzk.jpg
 photo 2015-01-22_0004_zpszfudj7o5.jpg
 photo 2015-01-22_0001_zpsib7oc0pu.jpg
 photo 2015-01-22_0003_zpslgmjrd6w.jpg
 photo ashley_zpss7gbvldg.jpg


The Pico's | Pinetop Arizona Family Photographer

Once the kids start to go off to college it's such a great thing when the whole family can be together at the same time. The Pico's had all their kids home around Thanksgiving so we went out an got their family portrait done while they were all home. Here are some of the favorites:
 photo 2015-01-20_0006_zps28zcl4qx.jpg  photo 2015-01-20_0001_zpsohengkwj.jpg  photo 2015-01-20_0002_zpsopd9lk0a.jpg  photo 2015-01-20_0003_zpsvnbfzj71.jpg  photo 2015-01-20_0005_zpsfqhbevz3.jpg  photo 2015-01-20_0005_zpsfqhbevz3.jpg


Jennifer + Brad | The Wright House Wedding Photographer

One of the fun part about being a wedding photographer is the great opportunity I get to get to see and get to be a part of weddings of old friends of mine. I was so excited for Jen and Brad's wedding in December and I always love working at The Wright House in Mesa. They had so many friends and family with them to celebrate their wedding and I was honored to have been there and to have been a part of it. THANKS YOU GUYS!  photo 2015-01-19_0006_zpsc8f85a1b.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0005_zps58786ce9.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0011_zpsbf75b2ff.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0013_zps391ab191.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0004_zps8201ba4b.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0002_zpsdd2477e7.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0003_zpsac03aa47.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0007_zps9b8bf450.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0009_zpsa8303e81.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0001_zpseded1cbb.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0008_zps4b2ae70d.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0012_zpsae2a4348.jpg
 photo 2015-01-19_0010_zps2bab78d1.jpg


Amanda and Brandon | Carefree Resort and Conference Center Wedding |

This fall we had the privilege of photographing Amanda and Brandon's beautiful wedding in Carefree. I love the desert feel and the spectacular views at the Carefree Resort and Conference Center. Here are some of the favorite images from their gorgeous wedding.
 photo 2015-01-13_0012_zps0582f0fe.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0009_zps078173d9.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0011_zpsd395e8b0.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0008_zpsb645761a.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0007_zps55a184a4.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0006_zps7bd0986a.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0005_zpsddc02792.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0010_zpsb0c5d54f.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0003_zpsf2bb4fa1.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0004_zps43a7431c.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0002_zps85e32570.jpg
 photo 2015-01-13_0001_zpsfb061b8f.jpg