The Alder Family | Pinetop Arizona Family Photographer

This shoot with the Alders was just a dream to be a part of. Beautiful and happy people in a couple beautiful locations, perfect smiles, and perfect outfit coordination, the whole thing made my job rather easy. Here are a few of our favorites.  photo 2015-09-05_0004_zpsxvo58xgt.jpg  photo 2015-09-05_0002_zpsgwugkeao.jpg  photo 2015-09-05_0007_zps1vkusl0i.jpg  photo 2015-09-05_0006_zpserlg7jhf.jpg  photo 2015-09-05_0003_zpsfdrcundh.jpg  photo 2015-09-05_0001_zpsveu6wfqb.jpg  photo 2015-09-05_0005_zpsknxqjuhi.jpg


Daniel and Kelly | Pinetop Arizona Wedding

Daniel and Kelly's wedding was just awesome. You could tell that they were surrounded by so many great friends and family that came from so far to express their love and support for them. They had a gorgeous mid-day ceremony at the Porter Mountain Fellowship Church in Lakeside, we spent some time doing some family pictures there and then some gorgeous images out on the rim trail and finishing with their reception at Camp Tatiyee . Here are a few of the favorites:
 photo 2015-07-06_0007_zpsgboctmkq.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0008_zpslmsmupry.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0013_zpsuisjlbxi.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0018_zpsjes3chse.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0011_zpshmhesfcw.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0012_zpssjlsphep.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0016_zpsknihpfsj.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0010_zpse3jglp6b.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0009_zpstfp0lnyl.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0006_zpsejvm7u89.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0017_zpsn1zshruz.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0014_zps3uipblbj.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0003_zpshryuaoek.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0005_zpsevajjhde.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0004_zpspwhwxjvd.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0002_zps7t0vmmw9.jpg
 photo 2015-07-06_0001_zpsawoi4wwp.jpg


Blue Ridge High School Softball

To purchase the highlight reel or to by prints of the Blue Ridge Softball Portraits click this link:
http://paxmanphotography.smugmug.com/Sports/Blue-Ridge-Softball-2015 Too see images from the Blue Ridge vs Holbrook Varsity softball game on 3/7/15 CLICK HERE
or check out the highlights below:


Kyle and Karlee | Gilbert Arizona Temple Wedding Photographer

I've been working on finishing Kyle and Karlee's wedding images from their wedding at the Gilbert Arizona. We made some incredible images at Gilbert Arizona Temple a couple days previous to their wedding doing their formal portraits, then again on their wedding day and then again the next day back up here in Show Low for a reception at their home. Here are some of my favorite images:
 photo 2015-02-10_0008_zps40gral7d.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0007_zpskwc6vtqh.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0003_zpstz1ou1tz.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0004_zpsx51ciroe.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0002_zpsreqfrcee.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0006_zpshdcjlxyg.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0001_zpsvr3chbii.jpg
 photo KarleeandKyle_paxmanphoto3-1_zpsw8htbglh.jpg
 photo 2015-02-10_0009_zpszaljhz1p.jpg