Matt + Lindsay | Snowflake Arizona Temple Wedding Photographer

I've been so looking forward to getting caught up and to diving into Lindsay and Matt's wedding images from a few weeks ago. I spent all day today pouring over their images and had the hardest time narrowing it down for blog post. Their wedding was on a gorgeous day at the Snowflake Arizona LDS Temple. Here are a few (haha...well about 30) of my favorite images:
 photo DressPanorama2-Edit_zpsba65715b.jpg
 photo 2014-08-05_0004_zps6ac17517.jpg
 photo 2014-08-05_0003_zps34736b07.jpg
 photo 2014-08-05_0002_zps1f67003c.jpg
 photo IMG_7671-Edit_zps752f0f01.jpg
 photo IMG_7759-Edit-Edit_zps31e9401a.jpg
 photo IMG_7762-Edit_zpsdb8a1e34.jpg
 photo 2014-08-05_0001_zps057e5366.jpg
 photo IMG_7730-Edit-Edit_zpsd0c6950e.jpg
 photo IMG_7745-Edit_zps6aa94d91.jpg
 photo IMG_7737-Edit_zps2c2a5c90.jpg
 photo IMG_7718-Edit_zps6d263281.jpg
 photo IMG_7723-Edit_zps5c64e895.jpg
 photo untitled-8267-Edit_zps00a40aef.jpg
 photo IMG_7688-Edit_zpsd93f01b2.jpg
 photo untitled-8498-Edit_zps78dbe2ca.jpg
 photo untitled-8478-Edit_zpsc9ef87f0.jpg
 photo untitled-8453-Edit_zps54b5bde1.jpg
 photo untitled-8382-Edit_zps06cc2fa5.jpg
 photo untitled-8443-Edit_zpsa90f57a1.jpg
 photo untitled-8515-Edit_zps5af7854c.jpg
 photo untitled-8450-Edit-2_zpscae327b5.jpg
 photo IMG_7802-Edit_zps8687d583.jpg


Savannah | Class of 2015 Senior Portrait | Blue Ridge High School

We went out with Savannah last week to make some images outside. The afternoon monsoon storms threatened to wash us away but held out long enough for us to make some incredible images.
 photo 2014-07-29_0001_zpsea6d6a3c.jpg
 photo IMG_0737-Editblog_zpsbd7d5faf.jpg
 photo IMG_0714-Editsav_zpsd0ab5bb8.jpg
 photo savIMG_0701-Edit_zps4b03ce9b.jpg
 photo IMG_0687-Edit_zps9d919287.jpg
 photo IMG_0864_zps1acad842.jpg
 photo IMG_0815-Edit_zps982c0dd3.jpg
 photo savIMG_0784-Edit_zps1d814e23.jpg


Real Estate Video and Photography | Pinetop Arizona Photographer

I've been making some pretty incredible images and some even more incredible video for some of our local realtors here in the Pinetop area. I just released this one today: If you have a home you are trying to sell or if you're a realtor trying to set your listings apart from your competition, then give me a call or text at 480-861-9490.


The Paxman Photography March 2014 appearance on local TV | Open For Business

In March the Pinetop Chamber of Commerce offered me to come along and appear on the local TV program about local businesses call "Open For Business". I shortened the video to portion that includes my appearance and included it below just in case anyone besides my mom wants to check it out.


Tristen | Pinetop Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer | Class of 2014

I got to hang out with Tristen a little bit last week and make some killer images in Pinetop. The school year is drawing to a close but we are still able to get to shoot, edit, and deliver within 10 days or so. Check out some of my the best images we produced.
 photo IMG_1776-Edit_zps4c4a899d.jpg
 photo IMG_1756-Edit_zpsc84b48b6.jpg
 photo IMG_1726-Edit_zps4fc8dba3.jpg
 photo IMG_1700-Edit_zpsba028420.jpg
 photo IMG_1793-Editbw_zps26f3a2fb.jpg


Brad + Venesa | Snowflake Arizona Temple Wedding Photographer

I got a new sister! My youngest brother Brad got married a few week ago in the Snowflake Arizona LDS Temple in Snowflake. I had the incredible honor of photographing their beautiful wedding day. Check out some of my favorites and also check out the wedding video filmed and edited by Trent Penrod.
 photo 20140308-untitled-3915_zpsc1a5bd46.jpg
 photo 20140308-untitled-4412-Edit_zps0254cad4.jpg
 photo 20140308-untitled-4131_zps0ec91ce2.jpg
 photo bradblog1_zps2ce0f7c1.jpg
 photo 20140308-untitled-4181_zpsbd285756.jpg
 photo -LVOE-4_zps6ca4fe34.jpg
 photo 20140308-untitled-4163_zpsa5b2828d.jpg
 photo -LVOE-6_zps971e3319.jpg
 photo -LVOE-10_zps4cd39e8c.jpg
 photo 20140308-untitled-4350_zps0fe4d91e.jpg
 photo -LVOE-3_zpsb95d47ca.jpg
 photo -LVOE-8_zpsbbc3526e.jpg
 photo -LVOE-7_zps6517ac8e.jpg
 photo -LVOE-5_zps6aadffce.jpg
 photo 20140308-untitled-4186_zps6e615922.jpg
 photo -LVOE-11_zpsb7f9fae8.jpg