Miss G. | White Mountains Senior Portrait Photographer

Photographing Miss G. was such an adventure. We had made plans to meet on a Sunday afternoon and as it happened there was a storm rolling from Show Low East toward Pinetop. We tried to reverse storm chase and hit our locations while avoiding rain and lightning. We got in a few good shots but ultimately got rained out and had to reschedule. The weather for the second set was amazing and we were able to make even more incredible images. Here are some of the favorites:
 photo Graceblog--10_zpsc13a8dd2.jpg
 photo 2014-12-08_0001_zpsc8ef9311.jpg
 photo Graceblog--2_zps93cdb38d.jpg
 photo Graceblog-20_zpsb6f19e4a.jpg
 photo Graceblog--3_zpsf7afe6e9.jpg
 photo Graceblog--4_zps36c47b6f.jpg
 photo Graceblog--8_zpsc898149e.jpg
 photo Graceblog--7_zps1cee4373.jpg
 photo Graceblog--11_zpsc66739f1.jpg


The D Family | White Mountains Family Photographer

I got to photograph this beautiful family a year ago and was honored that they called me to photograph them again this year. Here are some of the images we mad out at Show Low bluff trail park area. Here are some of the faves:
 photo 2014-11-23_0013_zpsb89176ed.jpg
 photo 2014-11-23_0010_zps8aea12aa.jpg
 photo 2014-11-23_0011_zps7ac13eb1.jpg
 photo 2014-11-23_0009_zpsf3838433.jpg
 photo 2014-11-23_0012_zps55a05927.jpg
 photo 2014-11-23_0014_zpsaa087e56.jpg

Hawley Lake Family Portrait | Pinetop Arizona Photographer

As our leaves changed color this fall I got to meet so many new families from all over state to get their family portrait made in the beautiful White Mountains. Check out the P family and some of my favorites from our session:
 photo blog111-19_zps2dd8f310.jpg
 photo blog111-18_zps713c3a07.jpg
 photo blog111-16_zpsf8d78e52.jpg
 photo blog111-15_zps79bfc042.jpg
 photo blog111-14_zps865da540.jpg
 photo blog111-11_zps36d3219f.jpg
 photo blog111-17_zps0eb70d10.jpg


Miss J. | Pinetop Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer

I had so much fun taking Miss J and her mom and her sister around Pinetop and Lakeside to make some great senior portrait images. I was honored that they came all the way from New Mexico for such important pictures. We started at the studio here for some portraits, we did a quick stop at Rainbow Lake and then on to the rim to finish. Here are some of my favorites:
 photo 2014-11-21_0001_zpscc8a6022.jpg
 photo 2014-11-21_0005_zps6c8972af.jpg
 photo 2014-11-21_0007_zps3d5c3d71.jpg
 photo 2014-11-21_0003_zps9471234b.jpg
 photo 2014-11-21_0004_zps7503c09f.jpg
 photo 2014-11-21_0006_zpsb847eb35.jpg
 photo 2014-11-21_0002_zpse09fa68e.jpg


Brittany Case | Pinetop Arizona Fashion Photographer

We collaborated on a shoot with Brittany back in August but have had to keep these awesome images under wraps because we have been in the process of submitting them to magazines for publication. When Brittany first approached me she promised that we'd get published in a magazine, we were so excited to find out that the images ended up getting picked up by at least 2 different magazines. There was alot involved in this shoot and so I want to be certain to give appropriate credits

Photographer: Chris Paxman - Paxman Photography
Model: Brittany Case Hair/Makeup : Brittany Case
2nd Camera and Behind the Scenes- Kelci Owens
Video for the trailer by: Trent Off-the-Grid
 photo paxmanphotography_bloggy-4_zps219af1cf.jpg
 photo paxmanphotography_bloggy-1-2_zpsc2a4c096.jpg
 photo 2014-10-14_0002_zps80421ccb.jpg
 photo paxmanphotography_bloggy-2_zps2934da39.jpg
 photo 2014-10-14_0001_zps636c1786.jpg


Megan + Tell | Arizona Wedding Photographer

I'm so glad to be able to share some of Megan and Tell's wedding images from their gorgeous wedding in Prescott at the The Club at Prescott Lakes. The fabulous team at Nyla'D took care of the hair styling and made all the girls look great. I feel so honored they chose me to travel to Prescott and document their big day. Here are some of the highlights:
 photo 2014-10-10_0011_zps66ef0747.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0002_zps0e4e4e2c.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0007_zpsf1e4bdea.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0001_zps1f2260e6.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0010_zps87b4aee6.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0004_zpse9edb06a.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0009_zps14b4adb5.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0003_zpsccb23c30.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0005_zps1d19f863.jpg
 photo 2014-10-10_0006_zps71015dd8.jpg