Jacob and Jonique/ Mesa, Arizona Engagement Photographer

This is Jacob and Jonique.
I needed to get an image for the event cards that I pass out at the reception so that their guests can see their pictures online after their big day. So these guys met with me for a few minutes so that we could take a few shots.


  1. Love this shot! Beautiful image, Chris!

  2. love the ring shot..what a great idea for showing off the ring in an engagment photo. would be a cute add to a multi picture announment

  3. what lens do you use for your ring shots? *beautiful*

  4. -G: Thank you!
    -FJ: Thanx ;)It would be a good announcement shot but they already have their announcement done, this was just for the event card I hand out at the reception.
    -PG:This particular image was shot with my handi-dandi 50mm 1.4.
    For ring shots I usually put on my 28-135 cuz it has a macro setting.

    THanks for stopping by everyone!

  5. something to keep in mind for your next engagement shoot. I can just imagine a nice wedding announcement with maybe three pictures....a nice face shot, maybe a walking photo and then the ring shot! that would be super cute!


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