Lillian + Blake : Snowflake, Arizona LDS Temple Wedding

I just love it when things work out. The day of Lillian and Blake's wedding the weather in and around Snowflake Arizona could not make up it's mind. Sunny, windy, full on raining, overcast and in the end things just worked out. The rain stopped, the wind died down and the hit and miss cloud cover made for dramatic lighting that we were able take full advantage of.

I LOVE this one...it was like heaven opened up on these guys and was smiling about what they were doing that day:

The first kiss as a new couple immediately after the ceremony:

Thanks so much for letting me be a part to photograph your big day!
UPDATE: click on over to preview the book I made for Blake and Lillian's wedding.
Our Wedding Story


  1. hey, I love the photos! it was crazy, I just happened upon your blog and noticed what a beautiful bride. I was thinking to myself. wow! what a beautiful bride. then I noticed it is my cousin Lillian! I wasn't able to attend this celebration. You took beautiful pics! What a happy couple! Small world :)

  2. lovely. I like the last image, its totally different and I'm in love with the lines.

  3. I love the last image as well! great job!

  4. I read recently that you can just host your pictures elsewhere...like photobucket, and that should keep the colors accurate. I haven't tried it yet though - is that what you do or is there a better way? Thanks! :)


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