Mesa, Arizona Family Portrait Photographer

So one of the projects that I finished up last night was this one. The Stephens are a family that go to the same church that I go to. I shot them back in November and got them images to use for their Christmas card but there were a few more edits that needed to be done that I finally finished last night.

I had alot of fun with all of these guys. That image of little Ms. A in the top right of the collage is probably one of my all time favorite images, she is such a cutie.


  1. She was one of my YW leaders!! Love their fam. Great shots!! :)

  2. You did such a great job with our pictures. I forgot how much I love that one of Avery as well. Sometimes I don't find my favorite until I look through all the pictures again. She was definetly hard to get a picture of but you did the impossible and did it. Thanks again.

  3. Oh and I love Ms. Beauty Queen Elena as well.

  4. I love the Stephens Family!!! Great shots, Chris.


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