Amanda, Mesa, Arizona Senior Portrait Photographer

I have been doing alot of weddings and engagement pictures lately and as much as I love weddings I also love doing Senior portrait sessions. It's alot easier to make one person look good than two people together at the same time. This is my first (of hopefully many) seniors this year. We didn't spend a whole lot of time shooting this session (maybe 15 minutes) but I was REALLY pleased with how they came out.

With my new blog format I have found that it saves alot of time if I just do a collage on my blog postings. Is it worth it? OR...would you rather see more images on my blog postings? Leave a comment and let me kow what you think.


  1. although, it is nicer to see them all in one short section, the pic seems to be hindered being that small, if that makes any sense

  2. those did turn out awesome. way to goooo. i like the collage. it gets you to put more than 3 pictures up in one post.


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