T | Blue Ridge High School Senior Portrait Photographer | Pinetop, Arizona

I've had such a great time photographing T this fall you may recognize her from a post I did a couple months ago for her soccer portrait . She never takes a bad picture and makes my job so incredibly easy. I was thrilled with the images that we made during her senior portrait session and some of the images from the Blue Ridge vs. Show Low Girls Soccer Game.
 photo 2013-11-18_0003_zpse8b3a2e3.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0008_zps4d64dc0b.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0006_zpsc8f8c54a.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0007_zps9fb44f20.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0009_zps7a947ce3.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0004_zpse00f8834.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0001_zps8ca99e8b.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0002_zps002b4c2f.jpg
 photo 2013-11-18_0005_zps28a3e9cb.jpg

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