Chance and Summer | A Mesa Arizona Temple Wedding

I'm so excited to share Chance and Summer's wedding. Everything was gorgeous, and the details were so beautiful. Take a look at some of my favorites of the images and the little video I put together below.  photo 2013-11-20_0001_zps0fb0a1db.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0010_zps269e641e.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0007_zpscc3b7556.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0005_zps61e11925.jpg
 photo 2013-11-20_0002_zpsb5e77eae.jpg
 photo 2013-11-20_0004_zpsb1a61c91.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0008_zpseb8c1a1b.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0009_zps4a6fa25a.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0013_zps1c94a422.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0012_zpsb125f510.jpg  photo 2013-11-20_0011_zps569e1278.jpg

Chance and Summer from Chris Paxman on Vimeo.

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