Stephen and Emily | Pinetop Arizona Wedding Photographer

It is such a blast to get to go back to my hometown to photograph weddings. I grew up in Pinetop and love getting oppurtunities to go back. Stephen and Emily had the most terrific wedding day. Everything was perfect. Their wedding ceremony took place on the banks of Rainbow Lake in Lakeside. I love it when the stars align for great images. The location was incredible, as you can see from the images, combined with the perfect amount of cloud cover, perfect time of day, and a good looking couple it would be hard not to make incredible images.
Here are some of my favorites.

Pinetop,Show Low,mom,mirror,daughter,bride

Pinetop,Show Low,shoes,bride,wedding

Pinetop,Show Low,bride,rainbow lake

Pinetop,Show Low,rainbow lake

Pinetop,Show Low,old car,couple,bride

Pinetop,Show Low,rainbow lake

Pinetop,Show Low

Pinetop,Show Low,wedding cake

Pinetop,Show Low

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