On newstands now.

My friend Heidi emailed me last week to let me know that an image I had made for her little sister's engagement was used in an issue of "Creating Keepsakes" magazine.
The following is a scanned copy of what appeared in the magazine.

I still haven't gone out to get my copy yet, but I sure need to. I was pretty excited to hear about this.

To see a cleaner image of the end result of the project, CLICK HERE

The image is also on this blog about scrapbooking called "Bobunny"

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  1. Hey Chris! I am soooooo glad you are super excited about this! I had NO idea they were going to use my layout with that photo of yours on it! They gave you photo credits when they posted it on their blog.... just not in the mag so that freaked me out a bit! LOL Anyhooooo! Congrats! I was ecstatic too!!!


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