So I have been experimenting with a few different photobook vendors.
This is a book I made from images from our wedding. I ordered this book through MPIX. If you've read my blog you have heard me sing praises for MPIX before. And while I LOVE their prints I was fully not impressed with this photobook. The cover is awesome, but all the images inside are lacking.

I also made a book for Megan and Andrew whose wedding I shot in the middle of July. I already gave the book to them so I don't have a picture but if you'd like to see a virtual copy CLICK HERE. I made this book at Blurb and I liked their photobook better than the one I got from MPIX.
Pictage offered me a free proof book last week so I had one made of Megan and Andrew's wedding so I would have some good "sample" work in hand to show if needed. I really liked the quality of this proof book and it has the file names printed below the images to make for easy posting.