Andrew and Megan.

I am so pleased with Andrew and Megan's Wedding portraiture.

I love how into each other these guys are.

They looked amazing for their shoot today and I LOVE all the colors!

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  1. I really am so proud of this shoot! Yea Chris!! These are just a couple of TONS of beautiful fun pictures. Megan was truly stunning, as you can see. Andrew looked so handsome and was such a sweetheart helping with Megan's train, hair, bouquet. . .so sweet.

  2. Megan, your pictures look great! Especially the one of just you and the camera looking down at you. I love it!!

  3. CHRIS AND JOHNNA! MY goodness, I am thrilled, over-joyed... ECSTATIC with these pictures!!! They are perfect and I am so stoked to see more tonight! Thank you for making the photo shoot SO fun and for helping us out with every little detail! I'm sure the rest will be just as amazing, I am so excited! We couldn't have done it without BOTH of you, you guys are the best!!! Thank you Thank you THANK YOU!!!

  4. thanks for the comment! i'm still learning. your images are beautiful! would you mind if i put a link to your blog from my site?
    (P.S. CTR indeed!!! your Temple weddings are beautiful! you can always tell when a member shoots them)

  5. Chris. Incredible shots!! Megan is my little sis' Sophie's good friend. She told Sophie she used you right after I found your stuff. small world! Anyways, I'll email later about the straps but yes I do have "manlier" things camo included. lol and I'll tell you what I do for monogramming. I'm headed to Heber.

    Congrats on your wedding shots. Someday I hope to be there. chat later...


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