The Merrills

Today was my first outing with my new camera and I couldn't have had a more photogenic bunch to shoot. The Merrill's kiddos were super cute and were troopers the whole time even though it was pretty hot out.

Thanks so much guys! Your web album should be done on Monday.


  1. Okay how hot is Britney, and those pictures are about the best I have ever seen and I so want to do a shoot. LETS DO IT! Did you say Thursday I will have to call you so that I can ask about what we should wear all that stuff I didnt think white would look oh so good! They are hot! I cant wait you may need to give me your number again and I need to get specifics on pricing! YOU ARE AWESOME I SO CANT WAIT! Would like to have lost some weight but I suppose we can do it again sometime right!

  2. P.S. i dont think I have ur # want to send it to me? and Tia and Justin are coming that night too. Want to do dinner or soemthing or nothing, whatever is cool hehee

  3. I just glanced at your blog today and was like, "hey! that's my brother..."
    Those turned out nice. Do you want to do my newborn in a couple of months?

  4. Your photos look great! Especially the one with you all holding hands and looking out at the lake.


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