Kallie | Blue Ridge High School Senior Portrait Photographer

We had alot of fun photographing with Kallie. She did a great job and we made so many awesome images it was really hard to narrow down for the blog. Here are a few of the favorites.
kallie11 photo 2013-09-10_0010_zps6716912d.jpg
paxmanphotographyseniors photo 2013-09-10_0003_zpsf8053413.jpg
kalliegrass photo 2013-09-10_0008_zps22a04e6f.jpg
 photo 2013-09-10_0004_zpsa58cc923.jpg
 photo 2013-09-10_0011_zps7bcead4e.jpg
blueridgesenior photo 2013-09-10_0001_zpsf5462410.jpg
dock1 photo 2013-09-10_0007_zpse145da39.jpg
brhs_photographer photo 2013-09-10_0002_zpsffa4d5e1.jpg
kallie_chair photo 2013-09-10_0009_zps70a95e4d.jpg
Theshoresportrait photo 2013-09-10_0006_zps4fc2dd32.jpg

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