Ms. S | Blue Ridge High School Senior Portrait Photographer

On Thursday we put together a fun shoot at Scotts Reservoir . It's a concept I've wanted to shoot for a long time. We built up a little platform out of apple crates and some flagstone. That way our model, Ms. S, appears to be standing on or near the surface of the water.  photo 2013-08-23_0010_zps5bdda654.jpg Here is a little peek at our setup:  photo 2013-08-23_0004_zps997e02d6.jpg I picked a few of my favorite resulting images: PinetopSeniorPortrait photo 2013-08-23_0006_zps05c6db3c.jpg PinetopSeniorPic photo 2013-08-23_0007_zpsf1ae149d.jpg
SamiFetter1 photo 2013-08-23_0008_zps639ff232.jpg
 photo 2013-08-23_0009_zps988e9a3a.jpg  photo 2013-08-23_0001_zpsb74a85e0.jpg  photo 2013-08-23_0003_zpsa8ca84e5.jpg  photo 2013-08-23_0002_zps8b825e4e.jpg Here is a little video showing some behind the scenes:

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