Wedding Tip : Let them eat cake!

I have yet to attend a wedding that didn't have cake. It's a staple of event, as universal as white dresses and tuxedos. Here are a couple of tips about the wedding cake.


It's preferable to keep the cake table away from a corner and not too close to a wall. The reason for this is purely photographic. It will likely be indoor and or dark at the time of the cake cutting which will necessitate flash photography. If the cake table and bride and groom are close to a wall the flash will cast a big ol shadow behind them. If the cake table is away from the wall, then this shadow won't be so apparent.

Cupcakes. More and more often I have been seeing cupcakes used to supplement the wedding cake. This is nice if your reception is more of a "come and go" type of event where some guests might not be staying long enough to be there for the cutting of the cake but would still like to have some baked sugary goodness.

Cake cutting. More often than not I can rely on a small degree of panic from the bride and groom when it's time to cut the cake....
Don't stress about it. Nobody can see what you're doing on your side of the cake anyways. It doesn't have to be pretty, just cut out a couple of small bite sized pieces that you can feed to each other. Don't ask for help from your coordinator or caterer because neither of us really want that person to be in your cake shots, do we? How "nice" you are to each other when you feed each other is totally up to you, always careful not to get any on expensive gowns or suits but a little frosting on the face is always fun!