The K Family. Freestone Park, Gilbert, Arizona Family Photographerr

Meet the K, family.
We went out to Freestone the other week and got some great fall family portraits done.

This inevitably happens with little guys in this age range where they can absolutely sit up on their own but if you put them on slope they don't quite have the balance to stay upright. And herein lies my dilemma: I am within an arms reach and the closest person to him. Do I do the humane thing and reach out and grab him? or do I keep my face behind the camera and capture the fall. The photographer beat out the humanitarian in this case and decided to capture the fall.


  1. I have been reviewing your photography over the past few week and i think you do an absolutley amazing job at capturing the best moments. I would love for you to photograph my family the next time we are in Arizona. I will definitely be in contact with you when my trip is scheduled, only if that is okay with you of course.


  2. Absolutely :)
    Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  3. I really like the first one. First it's black and white, and I think you've captured the perfect balance of awesome landscape/background to compliment the family. You rock!

  4. You let him fall?! These pictures look great. The light looks really nice on all of them. And they are a really cute family. Did you use only natural light on these?

  5. @Cruzapalooza Thanks! You rock!
    @Crystal Thanks! ha ha...yeah I think I pretty much let him fall, but that is a stinking cute picture! and it was just grass. I popped a little fill flash on the 1st and 4th images. I have been doing that more often when I am shooting into the sun.


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