The Bloomers

The Bloomer kids all got organized for a big family photoshoot as part of a gift for Grandma and grandpa.

One of the things that makes me most nervous in photography is a group of kids. You never know what they are going to be like and sometimes I know they are looking at me thinking "I dare you to make me smile,'cameraboy'!"
But these lil guys were great and I was thrilled that we got all of them to look at the camera at the same time.
All the grandkids:

I'm thinking about writing a book about the ethical dilemma of letting kids fall while I'm photographing them (look down a couple posts on my blog, same kinda shot in almost the exact same place with a different family).

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  1. Great shots! It's so hard with big groups and lots of little kids, but these turned out wonderfully. I think it's funny that you let another child fall... maybe you're starting to enjoy it a little too much. ha ha By the way, the "first look" video is sweet. Good stuff.


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