FINALLY! Johnna figured out how to make the pictures big on the blog. It took alot of research and a lot of extra work preparing the pictures but I LOVE big pictures on the blog! Here are a few more from Nikki and JC's engagement session.

short video from the engagement session


  1. do share! a friend of mine and i have been trying to figure out how to make our pictures bigger...is it just a change in the code somewhere?

  2. do i sense a bit of TRA2 action going on here? i think i do!
    love love love the snapshot shot. i must try that one. also, how in the world did you get the shot of her on his back? do you have some ginormous light sourse that doesn't wash them out at night?

  3. thanks chris..i was hoping it was a coding change. Im pretty good at figuring that stuff out.
    I know all about time consuming (it took me FOREVER to figure out how to get the pictures in my header! LOL its just a matter of it being so time consuming that it makes you wonder if its worth having bigger pictures! although i can surely see the advantage of doing that on your blog! i love your photography but the way...in case i never said that before?
    ok i will sit tight and wait for the link/instructions and then see if its worth my time.
    thank you

  4. Thanks Chris, I love all these pictures so much. They turned out amazing and I love our many style of poses that we did. I would recommend you to anyone because you do a superb job.


  5. Hey Chris just wondering if you ever take big family photos, prices and your favorite locations for family group pictures.
    (7 adults 7 kids) Do you hand out the cd or do we have to buy prints through you.? Just curious. Our photographer who we had booked to for the end of October is flaking out. Leah is full so my sister and I are both working to find someone else.

  6. What fun shots!! I linked in from Kris J's blog--your photos of her family are beautiful.


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