I knew I had a package arriving FedEx today. And I REALLY REALLY needed it to be delivered today and since Johnna and I are usually both gone all day at work I asked my sister Ash . to come hang out at the house and sign for the packages when they arrived.
I was like a kid on Christmas eve all day at work today waiting to get home from work so I could play with my new toy. So I drove home really fast...and I had to park across the street cuz my sister had parked in the driveway... and I ran, literally ran across the street and flung open the door, where I saw the package: . There it was on the coffee table in our living room. Also in the living room was Johnna and her friend Lisa from church who was visiting. Johnna had just gotten done telling Lisa that we are expecting a baby... so the first thing Lisa says when I walk in is "CONGRATULATIONS!"
I am very fixated on the big beautiful cardboard box on my coffee table. Having not been privy to the conversation that had just taken place I thought to myself "Is she really congratulating me on getting this package?".
Luckily within a few seconds I started putting the pieces together and realized that she was congratulating us for expecting a baby! So I said thank you, grabbed my box and ran to the kitchen to grab a knife. Where I opened this:

inside of which was this:
inside of which was this:

which goes on to the camera like this:

Chris Paxman of Paxman Photography is now accepting nominations for "Husband of the Year" Award.


  1. WOW that thing is SO BIG! That's what she said! Congrats! (on the package)

  2. Ha ha, the funny thing about that story is that I can totally see that happening. Good Story. Well with a camera addition like that, you can officially do some P.I work on the side of....the side work.

    Congrats on the Baby. I really need to call you guys and I will try tomorrow. Marissa and I are soooo Excited for you and the baby! Congrats! As long as it's looks don't take after Itzy than your guys are golden. I am sure you are getting tons of advice all the time so I might as well throw in a small tidbit. Enjoy the Sunday naps why you can. No more naps for a few years. lol.

    Love you guys,
    Brad and Marissa


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