Stock, stills, and soda.

I mentioned yesterday that I applied to be a contributor on Istock photography. They have you fill out an application and actually submit a few images that will be individually reviewed for approval. I am pretty sure I have all the tools I need to do this (camera, lights, backdrops, strobe, etc...) but these types of images are really different from the location portraits I have grown comfortable doing. While I can't post the images I submitted for application I can post a few of the my other practice images.

So as you can see I was just taking pictures of whatever I could find around the house...but in other news I found these energy drinks at BigLots for freekin CHEAP! At a gas station it would probably cost at least $2.00 but if you look close you'll see I got these babies for $0.60 each, and i bought a whole freekin case!

Do you have something that needs to be photographed on black or white background? Let me know.

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