Location, Location, Location

My friend Julie sent me this article at work the other day and I thought it was interesting. It lists the top 5 places in the valley to take pictures.
In summary here are the Top 5:
1. Papago Park.
2. Scottsdale Civic Center
3. Tempe Townlake
4. The Superstitions
5. Freestone Park

The cool thing is that all of these places are on the east side pretty much. Out of these 5 I have only shot at Tempe Townlake.

My list would go something more like this:

1. Mesa Arts Center
2. The Pecans
3. Tempe Townlake
4. Las Sendas
5. Agritopia

I have done most of my shooting at these 5 places. Where do you take pictures? -> leave a comment!!! I love checking out new places and I totally plan on checking out the other 4 locations listed in the article.

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