What a week!

We got back from Pinetop today and we had alot of fun doing alot of shoots while we were up there.
Look how cute some of these came out. Jaymi made some little fluffy dresses for her little ones that made for some adorable shots of her kids. I had alot of fun hanging out with these guys at the "Rim Walk" up in Lakeside.


  1. I love them so much! Thanks so much for taking them! They are AWESOME! You are the best I will pass on your info to all my friends! I realize I dont have a house as of now to put up photos but would love to get the c.d. for later....and also a few to send to freinds and family! YOU ARE THE BEST EVER. Thanks so much

  2. lovely! the little one is so cute and the family is beautiful. WELL DONE!


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