Tuesday's something cool to look at....

Where do you print your pictures? Costco, Walmart, or Walgreens maybe? Well before you send your next batch to be printed (especially if they are pictures that I have taken!!!) take a look at where I take my pictures to get printed: MPIX or http://www.mpix.com/ .
They offer a HUGE range of print sizes and options. Their quality is superior and they are a professional shop but they welcome the consumer market as well. They cost a little bit more than costcos or walmarts and they have a $5 shipping fee I think but the quality is AWESOME!

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  1. Chris I love the pics of Johnna, she looks so pretty, very edgey photos. Hey I want to order some prints before I go out to GA. I dont have your phone number so call me when you have a sec to put in an order...Thanks!!!


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