The website

I haven't posted anything but pictures in a long long time, I'm going to try and change that. Anyways, the website is well underway and I'm really excited about it, along with building it and all the other stuff I'm doing I am learning how to use the software so that I can change and maintain it. If you've been looking at my blog for a while let me know what your favorite picture(s) is so I can determine which to include in the portfolio section of the new website.


  1. Well all of them of Chloe are so cute! No really, it is hard to pick favorites, but the one I really do love is the one of the little girl looking up with her eyes colored blue and the rest in black and white...so cute. The pics of Ashley and Dallas are really good too. I love the new one of Ashley with curly hair.

  2. They're all great but I especially think the one's where people are leaning against the reflective wall are cool. Hard to say, they're all so fun!


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