2014 . A year in review . Paxman Photography . Happy New Year!

Can you please forgive me upfront for such a lengthy post. There are going to be tons of pictures and a few more written words than you may be accustomed to if you follow my blog. It has been such an exciting year! I tried to use my calendar to add up how many "shoots" I've done this year and I couldn't get an exact number but I believe it's in the 180's. While not every shoot is pictured below I'm honored to have been a part of all of them. I've been all over Arizona shooting something like 20 weddings this year:
 photo 2014-12-31_0035_zps3d91bc3d.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0004_zpsfb5da9e9.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0009_zps4bf3ae43.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0010_zpse3464d1b.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0008_zpsa20d38c7.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0020_zps5118c0a6.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0024_zps7d9d902e.jpg
and even one in Utah:
 photo paxmanphotography_blog-1_zps8a69466f.jpg

Plenty of couples and engagement session:
 photo 2014-12-31_0001_zps9aa14b4b.jpg

And then there was this shot of a couple getting engaged right in the middle of their graduation ceremony from the University of Phoenix at the University of Phoenix Stadium:

 photo 2014-12-31_0028_zps94fb025c.jpg

Being open for a full calendar year in Pinetop has come with so many new oppurtunities and so many new things to shoot and I just love working with local business to take care of things like professional headshots:
 photo 2014-12-31_0006_zpsb9ac0d5d.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0025_zpsb38e335a.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0030_zps28045de9.jpg

I got to work with a few different local high school sports teams as well:
 photo 2014-12-31_0014_zps03495c9e.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0022_zpsbac5ee3f.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0007_zps64dfe7bc.jpg

And many many High School Senior portraits some from the class of 2014 earlier this spring and some from those graduating in 2015:

 photo 2014-12-31_0013_zps3d9acc9a.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0005_zps12c65de1.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0011_zpsa7a174fd.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0016_zps186a15c7.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0012_zpsf023256c.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0033_zpsd1621dc5.jpg
 photo paxmanphotography211of11_zps23154ff4.jpg

And just tons of family photos this year:

 photo 2014-12-31_0034_zps87694d66.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0003_zps9abdc0d3.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0018_zpsb8c3ab8c.jpg

And little ones:
 photo 2014-12-31_0027_zpsa914837d.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0031_zps8cbaed7d.jpg
 photo 2014-12-31_0015_zpsa74e700e.jpg

If you've made it this far you really deserve a medal or a certificate asserting that you have a healthy attention span. Thank you so much to everyone who has supported Paxman Photography this year and years past. I can't wait for all the exciting things I have yet to make and share with you in 2015. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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