Baby R turns 6 months old today | Pinetop Arizona Photographer

I had the awesome privilege of photographing this little one a few weeks after she was born and had the chance today to photographer her at her 6 month mark today. Happy 1/2 Birthday today little one!  photo 2013-08-28_0017_zpse4562c7b.jpg  photo 2013-08-28_0015_zpsbc9e4c9d.jpg  photo 2013-08-28_0014_zps48ecbd16.jpg  photo 2013-08-28_0010_zpsd25616d1.jpg  photo 2013-08-28_0003_zps1d9fcd74.jpg

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  1. What a cutie! I love how you wrote 6 months on the ground! Priceless Chris! Once again you blow me away!


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