Chad and Bethany #Dealvawedding | Pinetop Country Club Wedding Photographer

I apologize in advance. This post is extremely long and includes a TON of images. I have been looking forward to Bethany and Chad's wedding since I met with them last winter. This is the first Pinetop wedding I have had the privilege of being a part of since we moved back here. It was quite remarkable to only drive 1.4 miles from my front door to Pinetop Country Club . The flowers were produced by "All Occasions Floral". Also the Music and DJ for this event was White Mountain DJs It was a fantastic celebration and I feel so lucky to have been a part of it. Here are a few (actually alot more than a few) of my favorites:
PinetopCountryclubwedding10009 photo 2013-06-19_0017_zps71e4add3.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding166 photo 2013-06-19_0021_zps2c98e99c.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding1 photo 2013-06-19_0036_zps7f50de08.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding1111 photo 2013-06-19_0026_zpsf0c8f2de.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding199 photo 2013-06-19_0028_zps202c6630.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding155 photo 2013-06-19_0022_zpsa66f2270.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding122 photo 2013-06-19_0025_zpsdfa95f1b.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding144 photo 2013-06-19_0023_zpsd58bf361.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding18 photo 2013-06-19_0029_zps268dcb58.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding133 photo 2013-06-19_0024_zps5bace741.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding17 photo 2013-06-19_0030_zps81562018.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding189 photo 2013-06-19_0019_zpsfcccccf8.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding12 photo 2013-06-19_0035_zps9fe9213a.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding16 photo 2013-06-19_0031_zps8c6354ac.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding15 photo 2013-06-19_0032_zps1341299c.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding178 photo 2013-06-19_0020_zps49344eee.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding14 photo 2013-06-19_0033_zpsa3b10ab3.jpg
PinetopCountryclubwedding13 photo 2013-06-19_0034_zps4547812c.jpg


  1. These last four pics are my favorite. You did a great job as always! -Mrs. Celebration

  2. Gorgeous! Love the sunset ones! This was a great wedding!


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