Paxman Photography weekend adventures.

What a weekend it has been...just filled with a whirlwind of great photographic oppurtunities. On Friday evening I did a little bit of film work at White Mountain Country Club shooting Trent of the Burley Bear carving up a gigantic 140 pound block of ice. We will be putting out a pretty sweet video promo with the footage we captured.
 photo 2013-05-20_0004_zps3b26a9ff.jpg
 photo 2013-05-20_0003_zps8b943af5.jpg
On Saturday I had the opportunity to do a graduation portrait for my friend Glenn who completed his MBA. It was so good to see Glenn, his wife, and their awesome family.
 photo 2013-05-20_0005_zpscb98441a.jpg
Sunday evening I got to meet Javier and Alyssa at the Japanese Friendship Garden. I'll share more of these images later, but it was great to meet Javier and Alyssa and it was so great to have rented out this entire venue just for this shoot and to have it all to ourselves.
 photo 2013-05-20_0002_zps37a703d4.jpg
On my drive back up the mountain from Mesa to Pinetop, I stopped breifly at a scenic outlook that I've always loved. This is the panorama from that special spot between Payson and Heber.
 photo 2013-05-20_0001_zps8c1cb892.jpg
I can't wait to get all my shoots edited and share more. It's going to be a great week!

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